Securities litigation is a highly specialized area of practice.  The securities laws are complex, and often involve high stakes as well as sensitive matters.  Securities claims present the risk of substantial damage awards and adverse publicity, as well as other serious risks and exposure.  Often the threatened exposure bears little relation to the actual merits of the claims.

Listed below are common events that are involved in a securities case, a breach of fiduciary duty claim or a shareholder derivative lawsuit.

  • Restating earnings or a change/resignation of auditors

  • Failing to meet analyst estimates or some other event that surprises the markets

  • Backdating stock options

  • Bankruptcy

  • IPOs, secondary offerings and private placements

  • Transactions in securities or stock option plan

  • Representations and projections concerning the company or the investment

  • Mergers, acquisitions and other significant decisions by management

  • Proxy solicitations and tender offers

  • Trading by insiders or broker/dealers

Maniscalco Law Firm has a thorough knowledge of the substantive and procedural laws applicable to these claims, outstanding litigation and trial skills, and the experience to effectively manage these types of engagements in state and federal courts throughout California and across the country.